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Local Love: Brunchin’ at Superflux Cabana


Victorians love their brunch.

If you drive around downtown on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you are sure to see queues of hungry locals ready to enjoy warm bennies, sip strong coffee and catch up with their friends. We're always excited to try a new spot and welcome a new favourite.

So when local favourite Superflux Cabana announced they were launching their very own brunch features, and invited us to try it out for ourselves, we were on our way!

My friend Torry and I arrived on a Sunday morning, the weekend of the launch. The restaurant, famous for its patio overlooking Blanshard and Broughton street, is still a perfect spot to enjoy in the colder months. The interior of the restaurant is impeccable, with bright colours and designs, comfy cushions and seating areas that make your visit feel more like an intimate gathering and friendly and attentive staff who are excited to be there. I love the atmosphere of the place, inside and out, feeling casual and lavish at the same time.

The brunch menu covers all the bases, even at launch, including a breakfast sandwich, bennys, burgers, french toast, smoked hash and their famous Cabana fries. For my meal, I enjoyed the classic Cabana Fries, curly fries topped with bacon, pickled jalapeños, Cotija cheese and green onions. It is delicious and big enough to share, but I saved it for myself.

Torry picked the Deep Fried French Toast feature, cooked up with local Fol Epi bread. It was incredible and not too sweet.

Superflux Cabana's brunch pairs perfectly with one of their famous Superflux beers on tap or a sparkling mimosa. I paired my brunch with a non-alcoholic Casamara Club, a sparkling club soda made with citrus peel and botanicals. You truly feel as though you are on vacation surrounded by the bright colours and floral decor.

If you haven't experienced it for yourself, check out Superflux Cabana to fuel your brunch fix. They are now serving their brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm!

Thanks for having us!

Superflux Cabana

  • Location: 804 Broughton Street, Victoria

  • Brunch Hours: 10 am to 2 p.m, Saturday and Sunday!

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