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Matcha Monday: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Updated: Feb 27

After years of going back and forth, constantly planning and changing my mind, I am finally starting a blog.

Lots of things held me back:

  1. Why would anyone read it?

  2. What would people think?

  3. What do I even have to say?

I've always been a writer, but the last question held me back the most. What would I possibly have to write about? What insight can I give into something that no one else has before?

These fears have held me back a lot in my own creative writing over the years. This insecurity in my own ideas and a small voice in my head telling me it has already been done or that I don't have anything else to offer has followed me throughout my time writing fiction.

I'm not sure what happened when I was twenty seven, but something changed. I truly began to not care what other people thought of me and proceeded to push forward into the unknown. It wasn't easy, and it is not always constant, but somewhere along the way things changed.

Over the past few years, I have made incredible connections within my city and the people who live here. I have been lucky enough to make new friends who support me and my creative vision, who push me forward to pursue things I never would have before and who cheer me on every step of the way.

Community is so incredibly important, in every aspect of life, but the introduction of creativity back into my life and meeting those who are also on their own pursuits of creativity has really made a huge difference in me reaching my goals.

Over the last few years, I have worked as a photographer in my free time (although it has really bled into every aspect of my life and taken over ALL my free time, but I dont mind). I have met the most amazing people, creating business, creating art, who are always so willing to share with me their story.

Soon, I began to become recognized as a photographer and a writer, but imposter syndrome is always right around the corner. I started to doubt myself, when can I actually call myself a photographer? When am I a writer?

We become so focused on the end goal that we always try and speed through the process. Was I a photographer when I picked up the camera? When I booked my first job? When I was published in my first magazine?

All of these things were slowly happening, but I still didnt consider myself to be the thing everyone was telling me I was. All around me, I was in awe of the goals people were reaching, the networking people were doing and I never questioned what they were and their passions they were going after.

You wanted to start a blog? You were a writer. You wanted to start a business? I was behind you every step of the way.

So why could I do the same for myself?

I became obsessed with the process. I wanted to know everyone's story, from the beginning. How did you start painting, taking photos? Where did the idea from your business bloom from? We always hear about the success stories of those who are already 'established', but what does this mean? When did these people feel like they had really made it?

I began to ask everyone I met this question, when did you feel like you were established? Its interesting the answers you get.

In this new blog, I want to share the stories of those I have met as they open themselves up to me. I also will pair it with photographs of them, because we love to see the faces behind the words. This will be Established.

I will also be sharing my own personal thoughts on creativity (imposter syndrome, mental health and more) in a weekly Matcha Monday. If you know me, I'm obsessed (vanilla oat matcha latte please, someone sponsor me).

There will also be local business features in a section called Local Love! In this feature I will continue to connect with the city and dig deeper than I have been able to before.

Can't wait to share more!

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